1/2" Black Rolls

1/2” Thick Black Rolled Rubber is the thickest rolled rubber option available in the fitness industry. It provides maximum protection needed in weight rooms where heavy dumbbells and barbells are being dropped. Often times this thickness requires no other supplemental mats or interlocking tiles like the thinner rolled rubber options can unless that area is being used for heavy deadlifting or other Olympic barbell exercises. Made from the same recycled rubber as our heavy-duty gym mats, these rolls offer less seams than other flooring choices.

Did you know that ½” thick recycled rubber weighs in at 3 lbs. per square foot? That means a 4’ x 25’ roll weighs 300 lbs. Did you also know that the rubber used in these rolls come from car and truck tires that are shredded and then pulverized into crumb rubber? This crumb rubber is then mixed with a urethane binding agent and formed into rolls, mats and interlocking tiles. And possibly one of the greatest benefit to recycling all these tires is that we save thousands of them a year from being buried and forgotten in our landfills.

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