1/4" Colored Rolls

1/4" Colored Rolled Rubber for Home, Light Commercial Use & Doggy Daycare Facilities

Are you purchasing ¼” thick colored rubber rolls for use in your home, fitness studio or doggy daycare facility? Colored, or fleck, rubber flooring rolls are one of the most popular rolled rubber flooring options due to their resilience, lack of seams and affordability. Our colored rubber rolls are easy to install and can be adhered to the floor using flooring tape or adhesive. The rolled rubber seams can be sealed with Sikaflex adhesive, which comes in a convenient adhesive tube. Sealing the rolled rubber seams is often not needed but is preferred in dog day care facilities. If you’d like a quote on ¼” colored rolled rubber please Email or call us today at 1-888-758-7527.

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