5/16" Colored Rolls

5/16” Thick Colored Rolled Rubber saves you money on your rubber flooring purchase. 5/16” rolls have become a very popular gym flooring choice among gym owners the past few years. More and more of them are choosing this thickness over 3/8” due to cost savings with almost equal performance. This is an attractive flooring solution for cardio areas, weight stack machine areas and weight rooms. If your gym experiences a lot of heavy weight drop activity from heavy dumbbells and barbells, we recommend purchasing ½” or ¾” rubber mats or puzzle tiles to go on top of your rolled rubber for added impact protection.

Why choose speckled flooring over black? Whether it’s rolled rubber, gym mats or puzzle tiles, black often outsells the speckled. For the most part this is due to the cost difference. Most the time the black is much cheaper due to less material and labor needed to manufacture it. But the advantages speckled offers often outweighs the additional cost. Colored speckles do a great job of camouflaging flooring seams, dust, dirt and footprints. This means a cleaner looking install and less vacuuming and moping.

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