Aerobic Flooring Tiles

Ironcompany® Aerobic Flooring Tiles are a cost efficient, anti-fatigue flooring option that is used for Aerobics studios, Yoga and Pilates studios, Trade Shows and Retail applications. Each 12" x 12" PVC tile has over 250 raised discs along with 3/4" thick resilient, "bounce back" air support. Ironcompany Interlocking Aerobic Flooring Tiles have similar performance characteristics to floating hardwood floors with a built in sub-floors. 35 lbs. of pressure is all that's needed to activate the sub-floor; making it very forgiving on ankles, joints and lumbar area. And no padded sub-floor material is needed, such as rubber or foam, which means additional savings on your flooring purchase. Flooring tiles are easy to install and simply snap together. Trimming can be done if needed with a razor knife.

This same mold and mildew resistant PVC material is used to create beveled edge and corner tiles that eliminate trip hazards. Multiple color selection will brighten up any area and allow you to color coordinate with other facility colors.

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