Agility Cones and Hurdles

Agility Training Equipment is used to help improve upon an athlete’s performance through more explosive starts, quicker acceleration and deceleration and the ability change direction while maintaining body control and minimizing reduction of speed. Performing agility drills are also an excellent way to train your legs and core.

Products such as agility cones are used in agility drills such as X-drills, L-drills, and Staggered Shuttles, all of which involve quick changes of direction and speed. Agility cones used in these drills are usually orange in color to make them easily visible on the field and are available in sizes ranging from 6”-9” in height. Mini hurdles, or “speed hurdles”, provide speed training that focuses on acceleration through fast stride rate. Hurdles allow the athlete to perform the Two-step drill which is a sprint through the hurdles with both feet touching between each one. In the Side Step, the athlete faces sideways while stepping over each hurdle and touching the ground with both feet each time. You are sure to find other products in this section that address your agility training needs.

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