Agility Ladders

Agility Ladders are used by coaches to develop an athlete’s rapid, precise foot strikes and mental focus. They are economical, durable, easy to set up and can be used on various surfaces such as turf and poured in place running tracks.

There are many agility drills you can perform while using an agility ladder. Some of these drills include the Side Step where you are facing sideways while taking quick lateral steps touching each box with both feet. The Ladder Crossover is another great exercise to perform with an agility ladder. It’s a sideways run with one foot touching in each box. The Single Leg Shuffle requires fast and precise footwork while facing forward and moving alongside the ladder touching each box with your inside foot while your outside foot keeps pace. Keep your hips square through the entire drill with quick, light steps. The exercises mentioned and a whole lot more can all be performed with all of the agility ladders featured on this page such as the Stroops Rigid Rung Ladder and SMART Acceleration ladder.

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Agility Slats
Agility Slats - Set of 12 -- Stroops (AGSLAT12)
Your Price: $49.00
Agility Slats - Set of 12  -- Stroops (AGSLAT12)
Black Rubber or White Plastic
Prism Fitness SMART Modular Agility Ladder for Athletic Training Drills
Self-Guided SMART Modular Agility Ladder - 15' -- Prism Fitness Group (400-110-100)
Your Price: $65.00
Self-Guided SMART Modular Agility Ladder - 15' -- Prism Fitness Group (400-110-100)
Expandable with Quick Connect System
Unlimited Length and Width Options