Alessco, Inc. Interlocking Foam Carpet Tiles, Play Tiles, Martial Arts Tiles and Flooring Tiles - Alessco is a manufacturer of EVA foam floor mats and lightweight interlocking tiles. Their selection is vast and addresses just about any application where soft flooring solutions are needed.

Foam Puzzle Tile Options - Alessco foam flooring options include reversible interlocking foam tiles as well as rolled foam mats. Interlocking tile choices include 2’ x 2’ that are available in surface choices including smooth, textured, carpet and rubber. Unique patterns include faux woods like walnut, oak and cherry. And for the outdoor enthusiasts, check out our camouflage flooring. Interactive puzzle mats feature the alphabet and world map and are not only educational but provide a safe play area for kids. Rolled bamboo flooring is offered in a 5’ x 10’ x 3/16” and multiple color choices that include natural, light and dark options.

Unique Foam Tile Properties - Alessco EVA foam tiles and rolls are a unique flooring product to the industry in that they have so many distinct properties and applications. For kids, the tiles provide a soft and safe play environment that includes no toxic chemicals. Tradeshows can be the feet’s worst enemy. Each tile is soft on the feet and provides an anti-fatigue and shock absorbent floor which can make standing in a booth all day much more bearable. The light weight and small size of each tile makes them perfectly portable whether using them at a tradeshow or any other indoor or outdoor location. The closed cell foam that makes up each tile and roll is durable and soundproof and will not absorb moisture such as spills or even rain if left outside. Also consider interlocking foam tiles for boating and marine, schools and hospitals, shipping and packing areas, gyms and health clubs, factories and warehouses, playgrounds and day-care, cashier areas and food service.

Compression Testing - This product has received thorough compression testing that was conducted by loading tiles samples with 50 psi for a period of 24 hours. Samples were able to fully recover their natural shape and thickness six hours after removal of the test weight.

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Reversible Economy SoftFloor Tiles
SoftFLOORS Economy Interlocking Foam Play Tiles – 2’ x 2’ x 1/2” -- Alessco (ALESSCO-ECONOMY-SF)
Your Price: $4.59
SoftFLOORS Economy Interlocking Foam Play Tiles – 2’ x 2’  x 1/2” -- Alessco (ALESSCO-ECONOMY-SF)
16 Tile Minimum with additional quantities in increments of 4 Tiles
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