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Keep your gym equipment clean and sanitary with Kleen Machine and Ironcompany.comĀ® products- Gym equipment wipes that clean and freshen in one easy step.

The Kleen Machine towelettes and gym equipment wipes are a must have in any fitness facility, commercial gym, or even home gym. These exercise equipment cleaning wipes are great for all purpose cleaning and maintenance of fitness equipment. Use our Kleen Machine refills in conjunction with our Floor Dispensers or Wall Dispensers for easy access to the Kleen Machine gym cleaning wipes. The Kleen Machine buckets act as their own dispenser and can be placed anywhere in your facility. And, for the best value for cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, and disinfecting, look no further than Ironcompany.comĀ® Economy Gym Equipment and Surface Cleaning Wipes. You won't find wipes at a better price!

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