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American Barbell urethane dumbbells and olympic weight plates

American Barbell Urethane Dumbbells, Urethane Barbells and Olympic Bars - American Barbell is a manufacturer of USA made and imported free weight equipment specially designed for commercial fitness location. Enhanced technology, vigorous testing and strict quality control ensures that American Barbell fitness equipment exceed all expectations. American Barbell free weight equipment and cable attachments were originally designed and distributed by GP Industries, and continue to be produced today under the American Barbell brand name with the same industry-respected engineering and commercial quality.

Urethane Dumbbell Sets - If you’re shopping for a urethane dumbbell that offers the look and feel of solid steel urethane encased dumbbells with a smaller price tag, the American Barbell Series I Uni-Lock and Series II Solid Head dumbbells should be a consideration. Available with regular or splined handle upgrade in sets of 7.5-27.5 lb. up to 5-150 lb.

Urethane Barbell Sets - American Barbell urethane barbells offer the same solid head and Uni-Lock design as the dumbbells. Bar choices include a 32mm chrome straight or curled bar that fit perfectly info a commercial barbell rack. Set size includes 20-110 lb. in 10 lb. increments.

Olympic Bars - Olympic bars come in all shapes and sizes depending on what exercises the weightlifter will perform with them. American Barbell Olympic weightlifting bars are available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Aluminum Olympic bars are typically shorter and lighter and are used in conjunction with technique plates. EZ Curl Olympic bars made from steel and coated with a durable hard chrome finish are used for exercises including the biceps and triceps. 5’ Stainless Steel Olympic straight bars work great in areas where there might be space restrictions such as garage gyms or where an Olympic bench or rack is not present. For Olympic style lifting and a bar that conforms to IWF specs, take a look at the 7’ stainless steel needle bearing power bar.

Olympic Grip Plates - Olympic grip plates were designed to make transporting plates from one machine to another easier and safer compared to traditional weight plates. Each of the 25, 35 and 45 lb. plates has three slotted gripping holes that easily accommodate the hands. Rubber Olympic plates are coated in a quality virgin rubber for better longevity in commercial environments. Urethane Olympic plates offer the same grip hole pattern as the rubber but are longer lasting, more resilient to impact and have no odor. Buy your Olympic weight plates in convenient sets of 255, 630 and 1,260 lbs.

Cable Attachments and Accessories - American Barbell cable attachments are built tough and are plated with a hard chrome finish which will not flake or peel off even with heavy use. Cable attachments are also available in USA-made aluminum that offer all the strength of steel at a much lighter weight, and feature urethane grips which provide a firm, comfortable grip while working out and will not expand and tear from heat or sweat like rubber grips can.

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