American Built™ Fitness Equipment

American Built Fitness Equipment

American Built Fitness Equipment™ is proudly made right here in the USA by men and women that have passion for fitness and quality. Whether you’re searching for residential fitness equipment or commercial fitness equipment, American Built is a name you can trust to deliver years of solid performance in any home, studio or club.

Free Weight Equipment Storage – Here you’ll find a complete assortment of free weight equipment storage solutions designed to handle barbells, dumbbells and weight plates. Our plate tree options keep any style and size weight plates, such as bumper plates and Olympic plates, up off the ground and organized. The dumbbell racks can store hex dumbbell sets all the way up to the heaviest solid steel dumbbell runs. Our barbell racks are designed to hold the maximum amount of fixed weight barbells in one small footprint while allowing easy access at all times.

Free Weight Benches – Whether you’re working out with dumbbells or barbells, we’ve got all the benches you need right here and more. The Flat / Incline / Decline dumbbell bench remains one of the best values in free weight equipment as it allows for multiple angles and exercises to be performed for the entire body all on just one bench. If you want to build slabs of lean muscle on your chest, shoulders and arms, a commercial bench press is the perfect solution.

Squat Racks and Power Cages – You’ll be hard pressed to not find the perfect rack here that fits perfectly with your lifting style, space requirements and budget. Our Varsity Half Racks offer a smaller foot print, plenty of weight plate storage and all the weight capacity for the heaviest barbell lifts. If you need to accommodate multiple weight lifters at the same time, check out the Varsity Double Rack that offers double the strength and muscle building power.

Selectorized Machines – American Built Selectorized fitness equipment machines are built to help isolate, strengthen and build muscles in the upper and lower body. These machines are extremely helpful for rehabilitation training due to their minimal starting weight and small weight adjustments through the weight stack.

If you need assistance with a space planner for your equipment or would like a custom American Built Fitness Equipment quote, our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help. We respond quickly to any email or phone inquiry and we’ve got the knowledge and experience to get you the right equipment that falls within your budget. Call 1-888-758-7527 or email