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American Gladiators Fitness equipment

The American Gladiators Fitness™ brand is recognized by over 100 million people in more than 86 countries. Its reputation is one of preparedness, challenge and victory and the name alone represents the pinnacle of competitive spirit, mental fortitude and superior conditioning. All studies show that functional training is the wave of the future, and AGF welcomes and embraces this undeniable shift in the industry.

American Gladiators FitClubs™ are geared for private training and small group personal training. Our unique licensing provides a versatile and extremely cost effective way to own a fitness business while keeping rent, utilities, payroll and other operating costs down.

The American Gladiators Fitness™ brand brings an outstanding reputation in sports fitness training and offers protected territories and a globally recognizable name. AGF licensing allows you to co-brand your facility with the American Gladiators™ brand.

The American Gladiators FitClubs™ are geared for maximum flexibility. The “Starter” bundle will accommodate 16 simultaneous participants on the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Systems, but the recommended minimum 1,500 sq. ft. area can handle up to 30 individual workouts at the same time, so your staff can offer overlapping workouts during your prime hours.

AGF licensing is based on a simple three-step premise: Aligning with one of the most recognized fitness brands ever created. Launching your business with minimal investment. Running your business your way.

American Gladiators Fitness is committed to the highest standards of performance excellence, and offers licensing only to experienced, qualified and certified fitness professionals. Applicants must have a minimum of two years full-time current work experience in the health, fitness or sports training industries. In addition, our licensees must hold at least one current, primary certification with a nationally accredited certification group of association such as ACSM, NASM, NPTI, IPFA, ACE, ISSA, AFAA, NSCA, USKF, etc.

The Licensing Package:

  1. 3-Year term American Gladiators Fitness License.
  2. Use of the American Gladiators Fitness name and logos.
  3. Protected territories. (Exclusive AGF License within a specified geographic proximity.)
  4. Right to sell Official AGF merchandise in your facility.
  5. Discount on premium fitness equipment through

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To find out more about the AGF licensing and fitness equipment packages please email or call 1-888-758-7527 today to speak with a sales consultant.