American Made Gym Flooring, Playground Flooring, Martial Arts Flooring, Interlocking Flooring

American Made Rubber Gym Flooring, Artificial Turf, Playground Flooring and Martial Arts Flooring is available at® for residential, commercial and government purchase. Whether it’s for your garage gym, club, dojo or playground, the flooring you choose often sets the tone for the equipment and space on top of it. At Ironcompany®, we’ll make sure to educate you on the different makes and models to make sure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Meeting budgets and deadlines is our business so call us today to get your flooring project started right.

American Made Rubber Flooring - As one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your gym, it is important to understand what applications match the different flooring types. Rolled rubber from ¼” to ½” thick can be one of your most economical gym floor choices for doggy daycare facilities, home gyms, fitness studios and commercial gyms. If your facility offers heavy weightlifting areas for Olympic style barbell lifts or heavy dumbbell workouts, ½” and ¾” interlocking rubber mats or rubber gym mats are recommended. The ¾” mats make the perfect Olympic weight lifting platform mats or deadlifting mats.

American Made Artificial Turf and Grass - So many sports performance and CrossFit locations are now utilizing artificial turf for their indoor training areas for running, sports training and even push and pull sled work. Ironcompany® can help you select the turf material that is perfect for your facilities activities.

American Made Playground Flooring and Safety Surfacing - If you’re installing playground equipment in a backyard, park or school it is always a good idea to provide protective safety flooring tiles around the equipment that offers the proper fall height recommended for your equipment. Safety flooring tiles for playgrounds range from a 3’ to a 10’ fall height.

American Made Martial Arts Rolls and Mats - Flexi-Roll mats by Dollamur are unmatched in quality and ease of portability. Once you roll on these mats and experience the feel and quality yourself you’ll understand why they’re installed in just about every martial arts facility you visit.

American Made Exercise Mats - For floor based exercises such as yoga, Pilates, stretching, and plyometrics or for lifestyle use in the office, kitchen, or workspace, look to recycled foam rubber Yoga Mats from Kiss the Sky and polyurethane fitness mats, folding mats, anti-fatigue standing mats, and portable mats from WellnessMats.

Artificial Grass
USA Made Artificial Grass for Indoor and Outdoor use for Home, School and Performance Facility
USA-Made Yoga Mats, Fitness Mats, Folding Mats, Office Mats, and Anti-Fatigue Mats at
USA Made Recycled Foam Rubber Yoga Mats and Polyurethane Fitness Mats and Wellness Mats
Interlocking PVC Tile
USA Made PVC Flooring Tiles for Home, Garage and Fitness Facility
Martial Arts Flooring
USA Made Martial Arts Flooring including Dollamur Flexi-Rolls and Gold Medal Premium Floor Mats.
On Deck Circles
USA Made On Deck Circles for Baseball Fields
Rubber Flooring
USA Made Rubber Gym Flooring including Rolled Rubber, Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles, Rubber Gym Mats, Diamond Plate Tiles and Cardio Equipment Mats
Safety Flooring
USA Made Playground Safety Tiles and Ballistic Tiles for Shooting Ranges