American Made Strength Equipment, D-Ball Medicine Balls, Plate Loaded Gym Equipment

American Made Strength Equipment has evolved significantly from just barbells and chrome plated jungle gyms. Today, strengthening the body can be accomplished through many different equipment avenues. Many of these strength innovations have expanded beyond the simple isolation movements and now incorporate multi-planar and functional movements. The CrossCore® War Machine Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™, D-Ball Heavy Medicine Ball sets, Surge Performance Trainer and Ultimate Sandbag are all good examples of products that are on the cutting edge and propelling strength training far beyond what it once was.

American Made Squat Cages, Bench Presses and Selectorized Strength Machines - American Built™, Bomb Proof®, Legend Fitness, Nautilus and Tuff Stuff are all commercial quality brands that can be trusted in heavy weight lifting environments. Each brand includes its own interpretation of utility benches, free weight storage, push and pull sleds, squat racks and power cages and selectorized weight stack machines. This equipment is made with heavy steel frames, thick padding and aircraft quality cables to provide years of safe and heavy lifting.

American Made Functional Training Equipment - Increase your sustained strength, balance and proprioception by utilizing all three planes of motion with brands like CrossCore®, D-Ball, Surge Performance, The Tug and Ultimate Sandbag. Rather than heavy barbells or weight stacks, these brands provide their weight resistance via numerous channels such as bodyweight, human resistance, sand and hydraulics. Some of them, such as CrossCore, can even mimic movements performed in life and sport making even the simplest tasks, such getting up out of a chair or reaching for something on a shelf, easier to achieve.