Ankle and Wrist Weights

Add Ankle and Wrist Weights To Your Exercise Program For Better Results! It’s true. Utilizing a pair of ankle weights or wrist weights to add additional resistance to your wrists or ankles while you walk or perform bodyweight exercises will help strengthen, tone and burn more calories. The American College of Sports Medicine says that many people, especially women, focus on doing many repetitions and avoid using weights. However, to grow stronger you must work muscles until they tire. When done properly, adding ankle weights to your leg and glute workout will give you the shape you desire without making you look like a bodybuilder. An added benefit: Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. Stronger leg muscles will boost your metabolism and help your weight-management goals. And for maximum results, it has been proven that incorporating all four limbs at once during your workout will burn the most calories. This is most easily demonstrated when walking while using wrist weights to stimulate and tone the upper body.