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Apollo Athletics is a manufacturer of fitness equipment and accessories made for the retail, vertical and commercial markets. Through their vast overseas relationships they are able to source many types of high quality equipment ranging from weight plates to foam rollers.

Kettlebells – Apollo is one of the few free weight manufacturers that produce a neoprene coated kettlebell designed to help protect floors and other equipment from scuffs. They’ll also help brighten up your facility with colors like purple, green and blue.

Iron Power Clubs – Derived from ancient martial arts training, Iron Power Clubs are often more economical and able to provide more weight resistance than their wooden Indian club predecessors. With five different size availabilities beginning at 5 lbs and ending at 25 lbs are perfect for preforming such exercises as rotational swings, presses, squats, cleans and holds.

Sledge Hammers - They’re not just for busting up concrete driveways anymore! Sledge Hammers are for fitness training and can be found in most CrossFit or CrossTraining facilities. They can usually be seen being used for all kinds of exercises but the most common use for them is for hitting large car or tractor tires. Our sledges begin at 10 lbs and end at 30 lbs.

Non-Bouncing Slam Balls - Great for functional resistance training, these slam balls, or slammer balls as some people call them, feature a dense wall and are made to accommodate rigorous workouts. Start light with a 6 lb size and go up as heavy as 30 lbs.

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