Balance & Stabilization

Balance and Stabilization products are available at® to help you improve in everyday life and sport. Make sure to check out the new Move!™ Exercise Kit by Ironcompany® that provides product and education to address balance, strengthening and toning, circulation and massage.

Balance Beams – Closed cell construction provides a firm, but unstable, surface that allows you to walk and perform exercises on that will help increase stability and coordination.

Balance Pads - Made from thick, closed cell foam, these are great for improving balance and for performing rehabilitation exercises. Added stability is preferred for the beginner and intermediate.

Balance Boards – Balance Discs and Balance Boards are more unstable and challenging than balance pads and are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Most options are inflatable for varying levels of instability.

BOSU Balls - Works well in adding instability and additional challenge when performing exercises that combine other equipment such as a CrossCore180® or pair of dumbbells.

Foam Rollers - Select the perfect firmness to roll out tight muscles in the body and increase circulation. Available in different lengths, shapes and firmness levels.

Rebounders - Used in combination with medicine or slammer balls, rebounders help increase hand/eye coordination as well as strengthen the entire body, especially the core muscles.

Stability Balls - Use by themselves for bodyweight exercises or combined with other equipment such as dumbbells, stability balls can be a fun and effective way to tone, strengthen and become more flexible.