Training Tools for Bars

Training Tools For Dumbbells and Weightlifting Bars - Olympic bars and weightlifting bars are extremely effective in building muscle and strength. But when combined with the right tools, the muscle building benefits can be greatly amplified. For example, rubber barbell bands and weightlifting chains add variable resistance and instability to barbell training exercises such as bench presses and squats leading to muscle confusion which in turn can help yield better gains and help bust through weight training plateaus. Foam barbell pads with velcro closures are ideal for those that experience pain in the shoulders, upper back and neck when performing barbell squats and lunges. Foam fat bar grips are available in different diameters and can be used on barbells, dumbbells and even cable attachments for building crushing grip strength. And weightlifting chalk eliminates perspiration on the hands to improve grip strength which can instantly increase resistance and rep ranges.

Foam Barbell Pads - If you want to relieve the pinch or pressure that a barbell can place on your neck, shoulders and upper back during squats, lunges or barbell calf raises, consider a thick foam barbell pad. Another option is a Manta Ray bar pad. It works by better distributing the weight of the bar throughout the shoulders and removing any pinch points. Olympic barbell pads and Manta Ray’s will fit on either Olympic or regular style weight bars and are an easy way to make your workout more efficient by taking your mind off your neck and shoulders and focusing on the legs instead.

Rubber Barbell Bands and Barbell Chains - Add variable resistance to your barbell workout with a set of rubber resistance training bands or steel weightlifting chains. Each have been proven to help improve overall strength as well as explosive power when used during bench pressing, squatting and other weightliftig exercises.

Weight Lifting Chalk - You’re only as strong as your weakest link. And most the time that is your grip. Greatly improve your gripping power when performing barbell and dumbbell exercises with magnesium carbonate gym chalk. Gym chalk removes the sweat and slipperiness your hands can experience during exercise and you’ll immediately find yourself able to perform more reps with heavier weight which means more results!

Thick Bar Weight Training Grips - If you prefer to lift weights with thick barbells to increase your gripping strength and arm size, consider a pair of ergonomic foam Alpha Grips Thick Bar Grips by Iron Bull Strength or Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips by Grip4orce. They’ll add different thicknesses to your existing dumbbell handles, barbell bars and cable attachments without having to invest in actual fat bar weightlifting bars.

Need help selecting the best weightlifting bar training tools for your fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Legend Fitness 3167 Olympic Bar Jack for Olympic Lifts
Olympic Bar Jack for Deadlifts and Olympic Lifts -- Legend Fitness (3167)
Your Price: $299.00
Olympic Bar Jack for Deadlifts and Olympic Lifts -- Legend Fitness (3167)
Available in 28 Frame Colors
Olympic Bar and Weight Plates NOT Included
Legend Fitness 3220 Grappler Dual Landmine Station with Handles
Grappler Dual Landmine Olympic Bar Attachment -- Legend Fitness (3220)
List Price: $449.00
Your Price: $385.00
You Save: $64.00 (14 %)
Grappler Dual Landmine Olympic Bar Attachment -- Legend Fitness (3220)
Includes Both Vee-Grip Handle & Wide Grip Handle
Bars, Plates, Collar NOT included
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