Barbell Pads

Foam Barbell Pads for Weightlifting Bars - Foam barbell pads are used to cushion Olympic bars and Standard weightlifting bars while performing squats or lunges or other exercises where the bar lays across the shoulders and upper back. For some, a weight bar sitting across the shoulders can be uncomfortable and will put painful pressure on the muscles of the back and shoulders and even directly on the spine. The main benefit of using a foam Barbell Pad is to relieve this pressure and allow the user to concentrate on the exercise rather than the uncomfortable pressure from the bar that they feel during the exercise. One of the best foam weightlifting bar pads to use is the Hampton Extra Thick International Bar Pad. It has a 4” diameter of generous Neoprene padding and can be washed after each workout. A Manta Ray Barbell Pad is more of a weight transfer system than a pad which more evenly disperses the bars weight throughout your shoulders and upper back rather than in one concentrated area.

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Manta Ray Barbell Pad
Manta Ray Barbell Pad -- Body-Solid (MR136)
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Manta Ray Barbell Pad -- Body-Solid (MR136)
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