Barbells and Barbell Sets have been the gold standard of building muscle and strength for many years. Whether you use them for powerlifting, bodybuilding or just want to tone up, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at®.

Cast Iron Olympic Barbell Sets tend to be your most affordable option when shopping for commercial barbell sets. Therefore you will commonly see them in homes, schools and training studios. These cast iron plates are painted with either a black or gray baked on enamel and can be cast into a slim line, deep dish or a plate that has a series of gripping holes for easier loading and unloading in the gym. Olympic bars are 7’ long and typically weigh in at about 45 lbs.

Bumper Plate Barbell Sets are available with black or colored solid rubber bumper plates and your choice of Olympic bar. The colored bumpers often identify each plate weight and also helps brighten up your weight room. Not all of these plate options are solid rubber. Some brands, such as Hampton Fitness, prefer to mold solid rubber around a cast iron core. This can make for a more compact plate thus reducing the thickness.

Group Fitness sets have gained a lot of traction the last several years in group training classes. Group fitness sets usually include a hollow barbell bar, assorted smaller size barbell plates with or without gripping holes and a set of barbell collars that are quick and easy to use. Manufacturers coat these group barbells in brightly colored rubber, urethane and vinyl to help protect floors and keep plates quiet. These sets are usually purchased with a group training barbell rack that hold all your bars, plates and collars in one compact footprint and can be easily moved around the studio via casters.

Rubber Encased Barbells come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Rubber is a great coating to keep plates from clanging together and also works well to protect floors and other equipment if dropped. Choose from cardio pump for Group-X and studio training or Olympic for serious muscle and strength building.

Solid Steel Barbells are typically made by drilling a hole into the solid steel slug, press fitting the bar inside the slug and then welding both the bar and steel slug together to form an almost unbreakable bond. Bar choices include straight and curled and can be coated with chrome or a hard chrome plating that resists chipping. A fixed weight steel barbell is a great choice for any commercial facility and these sets easily fit on most commercial barbell storage racks to offer easy access to members.

Urethane Encased Barbells offer the same solid steel construction as the steel barbells but have the added benefit of a protective urethane coating. Urethane is superior to rubber in that there is no odor and there is no cracking or peeling. It is a superior coating when compared to vinyl, neoprene and rubber and can be better suited for hard core commercial gyms.

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