Body Solid

Body Solid USA Made Bumper Plates. When it comes to reliability, American made rubber bumper plate sets are a great investment. They hold up well to the rigors of Olympic style lifting in multiple setting such as CrossFit boxes, clubs and military installations and do a great job of protecting floors and other equipment when dropped. Most high quality bumper plates that are made in the United States are made from quality solid rubber formulated from either virgin rubber or a post-consumer rubber, such as crumb rubber, which can be made from car and truck tires. A steel hub is the center support system of the plate that the Olympic bar passes through. This hub must be strong to withstand the dropping and pounding that bumper plates can experience. Most hubs are made from thick steel, such as stainless steel, which is preferred as it won’t rust. For a custom bumper plate quote, contact a knowledgeable rep today.

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