About Bodyblade®

Bodyblade® pioneered vibration and inertia training in 1991. With its patented design, it was created to address the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine and to provide a stable platform for all other rehabilitation, sport performance training, fitness enhancement and personal training regimen, resulting in improved wellness, function and muscle definition.

Why Use Bodyblade®?

Bodyblade® is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today do to the scientific application of low level vibration and inertia. Bodyblade® rapidly changes directions at a rhythm of 4.5 cycles per second, which translates to your body reacting 270 times per minute to resist the forces of the blade moving back and forth.

What this means is that your body becomes the machine and the Bodyblade® becomes your exercise partner. The harder you push and pull on the blade, the greater the oscillation or flex in the blade, which requires greater force output from you to neutralize the speed and movement of the blade. You have to start, stop and change directions of your own body while controlling your mass. This wonderful equalizer automatically adjusts to each one of us. The same blade in the hands of two different people will produce a workout perfectly matched to the individual’s size, strength and muscle endurance.

Bodyblade® is a tremendous asset to your sports performance because we train movement, not muscle. Rather than isolate muscle, we bring groups of muscles together as a team to perform with greater precision, accuracy and with less risk of injury. Many of the exercises you perform with Bodyblade® mimic the movements athletes use in competition, allowing you to train your body to execute moves faster and with greater controlled force.

Bodyblade® improves muscle tone.

While the rate of oscillation stays the same, the workout intensifies when the amplitude, or magnitude of the flexing tips, increases. Over the course of just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade® move back and forth 270 times, and that's 270 times your muscles have to resist the movements. This movement works the body effectively and efficiently, improving muscle tone in a shorter amount of time.

Bodyblade® is easy to use, efficient, and to store.

There is nothing to put together with the Bodyblade®. You just open the box and you are ready for a complete workout in just minutes. The efficiency and portability of Bodyblade® allows you do workout whenever or wherever you want and when you are done, it can be stored out of the way until you next workout.

Bodyblade® is an effective training system for everybody from elite athletes to Baby Boomers.

With Bodyblade® you control the intensity and acceleration of the movement, which makes it safer and more effective than other equipment. The better conditioned the user, the more enhanced the workout however if you are just starting a fitness routine, you can dictate the acceleration and create the right work out for you. The Bodyblade® works the entire core, from the neck to the pelvic bone creating strength and stability in every user.

Bodyblade® is great for sports training because its design improves the communication in the body for better hand eye coordination and position sense. Pro Athletes to weekend warriors can improve the core strength which is vital in all sports. Visit our professional customers/testimonials section for more details.

Bodyblade® is an excellent aerobic training tool.

Yes, Bodyblade® can be aerobic. We have several size models which can be used for aerobic training. Every Bodyblade comes with a great aerobic instructional videos guaranteed to make you sweat and burn calories. You control the intensity of the workout and how much aerobic work you do.

Bodyblade® Physical Effects

Bodyblade® targets specific muscle groups throughout the body by varying the positions of the body or direction of the flexing blade. Bodyblade® trains movement through muscular teams and patterns rather than isolated single plane muscles. This makes it a valuable tool for rehabilitation, performance sports training, fitness and functional wellness. Bodyblade® uses of inertia also helps the body to become more efficient at agonist (one side of joint)/antagonist (opposing side of joint or action) activities as it promotes a better balance between muscle acceleration and deceleration on both sides of the joint resulting in enhanced coordination, flexibility, posture and efficiency of muscle function.

The key to success of Bodyblade® is functional rehabilitation, performance training, and improved overall fitness, proprioception, power, stabilization, balance and coordination. Physical therapists have discovered that restoring normal movement patterns and contractions to muscles that control joints seems to assist painful areas. This includes extremities immobilized in a cast or brace which can be exercised with Bodyblade® without initially requiring an excessive range of motion. This unique, oscillating action makes it an ideal choice for treating acute injury, chronic disability and post-surgical rehabilitation in a variety of environments and task-oriented activities.

Bodyblade® tends to normalize the way in which the joints function, eliminating the potential for imbalance that can occur with other exercise systems. It also permits a high efficiency of motion, producing the greatest rehabilitation gains with the least amount of effort.

Who Uses Bodyblade?

The Bodyblade® is used by a variety of people. Take a look at some of the professions that are feeling the power of the Bodyblade:

  • Group ex professionals
  • Personal trainers
  • Exercise enthusiasts
  • Athletic trainers
  • Strength coaches
  • Professional athletes
  • Collegiate athletes
  • Recreational athletes
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Pre and post-operative patients
  • Physical education teachers
  • Special adaptive education teachers
  • Professional musicians
  • Professional dancers including ballet, modern dance and acrobatics

Frequently Asked Questions About Bodyblade®

What is Bodyblade®?

Bodyblade® is a patented, one-and-a-half pound flexible blade ranging from two-and-a-half to five feet long, with a handgrip right in the middle. With just little bit of effort, the ends will begin to "oscillate" or flex at a steady rate.

How do you use Bodyblade®?

When you hold the grip and start to move the Bodyblade® by driving it back and forth, the tips start to move. As a result, your muscles are challenged to both resist the movements, as well as to stay balanced. This not only works general muscle groups in the arms and legs, but also the hard-to-target stabilizing ones deep inside your torso.

How does Bodyblade® build muscles?

While the rate of oscillation stays the same, the workout intensifies when the amplitude, or magnitude of the flexing tips, increases - the harder you drive the blade the more it reacts. Over the course of just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade® move back and forth 270 times, and that's 270 times your muscles have to resist the movements. The resistance needed to control the blade can range from 1 to 34 pounds depending on the amplitude of the flexing tips.

Why is Bodyblade® better?

Bodyblade® is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today. Most other systems work on the principle of the user attempting to lift a weighted item or stretch an elastic band. The Bodyblade®, however, works on the opposite premise: Once the ends begin to move, inertia wants to keep them in motion and it's up to you to resist. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury through overexertion.

What other advantages does Bodyblade® have?

  • Timesaving: Bodyblade®’s efficient movements provide a complete workout in just minutes, so you're never tempted to skip exercise during your otherwise busy schedule.
  • Cost: It is an inexpensive piece of equipment that allows you to start down the road to a stronger, healthier you with little risk and a lot of reward.
  • Compact: Bodyblade® is only a few feet long and a couple of pounds and easily fits in the closet, under the bed and dozens of other places conventional weights and machines can't go.

What makes Bodyblade® different than other exercise equipment?

With Bodyblade® there are no weights or elastic bands that can break. You control the intensity and acceleration of the movement, which makes it safer and more effective than other equipment. Since the user controls the movement, you can never injure yourself with Bodyblade®. It also has to do with construction. There are round rod products out there that claim to be better but the weight and mass distribution of the thin rod makes it difficult to sustain flex and direction. The benefits and quality of the Bodyblade® are all possible due to the patented technology and the inertial exercise principles built into every Bodyblade®.

What is the difference between the Bodyblade® models?

Choose from the Bodyblade® Pro, Bodyblade® Classic, Bodyblade® CxT, Bodyblade® Lite or Bodyblade® Cardio. The length and weight varies with each model and all models are made from a unique combination of composite materials and have a rubber hand-grip in the center.

How do I use Bodyblade®?

It's very easy to get started. Simply place your hands on the center hand-grip and move the blade back and forth until it begins to oscillate. Your elbow and hand should not move more than half an inch in either direction, yet the blade will oscillate at distances ranging from a couple of inches to two feet depending on the energy you put into the movement.

Does Bodyblade® vibrate and massage my muscles?

Bodyblade® does not vibrate at all. The user controls the entire movement of the blade. The harder you push and pull, the greater the distance the blade travels and the greater the resistance generated due to the blade's accelerations. This strengthens your muscles and helps to shape and tone them while increasing joint stabilization, mobility and flexibility.

How soon will I see and feel the results?

Your mind and body will come alive the minute you start using Bodyblade®. You'll feel invigorated and "connected" both physically and mentally. These lifestyle benefits are noticeable at once and increase over time as you continue your Bodyblade® exercise program.

Find the Bodyblade® That's Right For You

Bodyblade® fills the needs of doctors, therapists, athletic or personal trainers, aerobics instructors, club owners, patients and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're searching for the right Bodyblade® for your clinic, health club, or for your own personal needs, it's important to know what each Bodyblade® offers in its features and design to best serve you.

Note: In a rehabilitation setting the larger Bodyblade® Pro frequently enhances position sense (proprioception) for many elderly patients.

For aerobic or cardio body shaping exercise, all weight and conditioning levels can use Bodyblade® CXT and Bodyblade® Cardio.

Looking for a Rehabilitation Environment?

Consider a combination.
Note: Bodyblade® Cardio and Bodyblade® Lite accent the larger Bodyblade options in a clinical setting. Alone they will not be enough to challenge a higher level progression of patients.

Interested in Personal Training and group ex or small group classes, cardio and core power training?

Bodyblade® CXT or Cardio are the ticket.

Searching for a combination of personal training and group or circuit training?

Bodyblade® Pro, and Classic for resistance training compliment Bodyblade® CXT for group.

View the selection of Bodyblade® training systems available at® here