Bodyweight / Calisthenics Training

Bodyweight Training Equipment and Calisthenics Training Equipment - Bodyweight training and calisthenics training by design is a minimalistic approach to resistance training that uses very little equipment, if any. However, there are training tools available that are engineered to convert the users bodyweight into usable resistance in place of free weights and weight stacks. When used correctly, bodyweight training equipment and calisthenics equipment will yield incredible muscle gains and strength increases throughout the body.

Bodyweight Training Equipment Choices - Bodyweight training equipment ranges from simple products that everyone can take advantage of to more difficult options that experienced athletes will struggle with. Suspension training with the use of Gymnastics Rings or the CrossCore180® use resistance levels based on body angle. The steeper the angle the more bodyweight the user is placing upon the muscles being targeted. Gymnastics rings are most often used for pull-ups, muscle-ups and dips which of course use 100% of the user’s bodyweight and can offer the most challenge among bodyweight training equipment. Pegboard training is very upper body intensive and not only improves the users upper body strength but increases hand/eye coordination as well. Indoor manila climbing ropes and cargo climbing nets are great exercise for everyone from kids to adults. Training with a manila climbing rope or cargo net will help improve strength in the hands, arms, shoulders and back. Calisthenics athletes looking for calisthenics training equipment are utilizing parallettes, pull-up bars, push-up stands and dip stands as tools that can all help enhance their skills when performing signature calisthenics exercises such as muscle-ups, human flags and typewriter pull-ups.

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