Bomb Proof®

BOMB PROOF Gym Equipment

Introducing the BOMB PROOF® Gym Equipment Line

An exclusive exercise equipment product line designed specifically for the military and heavy duty users, our new Bomb Proof® commercial fitness equipment is the most durable and heavy duty fitness equipment to hit the fitness industry in years! Best of all, you can feel confident that our Bomb Proof® equipment is totally and completely Made in the USA, not to mention constructed from steel that contains up to 75% post-consumer product. announces the industries first camouflage fitness equipment line. Just as rugged as it looks, the new Bomb Proof® "Tank Style™" is sure to please the most demanding lifters and features the latest digital desert camouflage marine-grade vinyl upholstery and one of the most durable powder coat formula's to hit the market in years. Tank Style™, it not only looks cool but you'll feel good buying it knowing it's all made right here in the good ol' USA. Come and get you a piece of the Bomb Proof® Tank Style™ today! God Bless The USA.


New BOMB PROOF® TANK STYLE™ color options

Tank Frames     Digital Desert Camo Padding


If we can't get it to you in good shape, what's the point of buying it?? Ironcompany goes to greater lengths than anyone else in the business to assure your order arrives in pristine condition, just as it left the warehouse. Our staff takes great care of each and every piece and wraps to perfection.

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