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Boxing Equipment and Accessories are used to improve a boxers hand-eye coordination and punching power. They can also be great tools for increasing cardiovascular fitness levels and burning fat. In this section of our website we’ve compiled boxing equipment items from heavy bag and speed bag hardware to speed ropes to protective gear all in an effort to make your shopping experience quick and easy.

Speed Rope training benefits – Jumping rope is a very important tool in a boxers training regime and is a tried and true method for improving conditioning and coordination. Benefits of skipping rope include improved coordination, enhanced agility, increased quickness, footwork development and elevated endurance which can be beneficial to anyone whether they’re involved in boxing or not. Using a speed rope is an affordable way to get a great workout almost anywhere. There are a few different types of speed ropes that you’ll have to choose from all of which can provide the desired results for any size user. Leather speed ropes include comfortable wooden handles featuring ball bearings inside to allow the leather rope to spin quickly and precisely. Cable speed ropes include plastic handles with a bushing that allows for smooth rotation of the cable at every jump. Both types of speed ropes feature an adjustable length rope to accommodate users of most any height.

Heavy Bag training benefits - A heavy bag is a relatively simple training tool by today’s standards where most equipment has become sophisticated and loaded with electronics or some kind of app to record all your data. Some of the best boxers in history utilized a heavy bag to mold themselves into the unstoppable wrecking balls that they became. Benefits of a heavy bag workout include aerobic conditioning, speed and power development and improved coordination and boxing technique. Heavy bag sizes vary from 25 lbs. to 150 lbs. and are stuffed with a blended fiber fill to give them the right amount of firmness and compaction. Heavy bag covers are made from a heavy duty vinyl or an extra thick, top-grade cowhide leather for additional longevity when striking or kicking.

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Stroops Slastix Cobra Pro Striker
Slastix Cobra Pro Striker -- Stroops (MA-COBRAPRO)
Your Price: $69.00
Slastix Cobra Pro Striker -- Stroops (MA-COBRAPRO)
MMA/Boxing Gloves NOT Included
Title Boxing CCPFG Classic Corrupt Pro Fight Gloves Black with Red Accents
Classic Corrupt Pro Fight Gloves - Leather Boxing Gloves -- Title Boxing (CCPFG)
List Price: $79.99
Your Price: $73.00
You Save: $6.99 (9 %)
Classic Corrupt Pro Fight Gloves - Leather Boxing Gloves -- Title Boxing (CCPFG)
Sizes: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Lime
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