Speed Bags and Heavy Bags

Speed Bags and Heavy Bags are both used to increase hand-eye coordination, timing, speed, power and endurance. For a boxing athlete, improving and excelling in these areas is paramount to their success.

Purchase a Speed Bag for Speed Bag Training to increase hand-eye coordination and timing and to help gain that sense of rhythm that is essential for any fighter. There are many varieties and sizes of speed bags for home and gym use but the most recognizable are the tear drop shaped bags inflated with air and covered in leather. Popular speed bag brands are made by Title Boxing, TKO Boxing and Fight Monkey. Make sure to purchase quality hardware such as a speed bag swivel and platform.

Purchasing a Heavy Bag for Heavy Bag Training is an essential tool that builds a fighters punching power as well as ramps up the heart rate for cardio conditioning and fat burning. Heavy bags, or “punching bags”, are not only used by fighters, they’re also utilized by those interested in increasing their overall fitness level and shedding fat while increasing sustained strength. Popular heavy bag choices include those made by Title Boxing and TKO boxing starting at 25 lbs. and going as heavy as 150 lbs. Mounting hardware such as heavy bag springs, I-beam and wooden beam hangers and rafter hangers are all options for different locations. Free standing heavy bags, such as a Power Reflex Free Standing Heavy Bag by Title Boxing, can be placed in any location and require no mounting or hanging. Just fill the base with sand to provide stability throughout your workout.

Need more info on choosing the right Speed Bag or Heavy Bag for your training program? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Title Boxing UHB Synthetic Leather Uppercut Heavy Bag
Synthetic Leather Uppercut Heavy Bag -- Title Boxing (UHB)
Your Price: $134.00
Synthetic Leather Uppercut Heavy Bag -- Title Boxing (UHB)
Ideal for working on hooks and uppercuts.
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