Bumper Plates

What Are Bumper Plates? Unlike Olympic plates that are primarily made up of various size and weight cast iron discs, bumper plate sets are made from solid rubber. This rubber formulation can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but the most common include virgin rubber and crumb rubber made from post-consumer products such as tires. You can also find bumper plates made from solid urethane, which are more expensive than rubber but can be much more resilient and less likely to crack or wear out. Plate sizes, whether in pounds or kilograms, usually all have the same diameter of around 17.7”. So for example a 10 lb. bumper plate will have the same diameter as a 45 pound plate. The obvious weight difference is apparent in the thickness with the 45’s coming in just under 4”. The center hub that the Olympic bar slides through has to be heavy duty and capable of handling the shock caused by the impact these plates experience when dropped after a lift. The 2” center hubs are usually constructed of stainless steel or other durable metals.

Why Should I Use Bumper Plates? You should use this style of plate if you perform Olympic style lifts such as snatches and clean and jerks. The cushion and bounce that these plates provide when dropped will greatly decrease the chances of ruining your Olympic bar and your floors. However, even when using bumper plates for your Olympic lifts, we still recommend using heavy gym mats underneath for added protection.

What Are The Best Bumper Plates To Buy? Always remember that you get what you pay for which is definitely the case when looking for a quality bumper set that will survive years hard lifting. By now, most the top brands have had time to get their acts together and figure out how to make a long lasting and high performing bumper plate. Most now understand what rubber formulas and types of 2” hubs to use along with which molding processes are best. So chances are if you stick with a solid brand that offers a good warranty, you should be fine. We recommend brands such as Body Solid, Ironcompany®, Hampton Fitness, Valor Athletics, Ivanko Barbell and York Barbell.

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