Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments For Exercise Machines - Cable attachments connect to selectorized strength training machines and are used for pushing or pulling exercises to tone, build and strengthen muscles throughout the upper and lower body. Cable attachments help isolate the arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs and with the use of an ankle cuff can help tone the inner/outer thighs and hips. Materials used to manufacture these cable machine attachments can vary depending upon the muscle being targeted but can include leather, nylon webbing, powder coated steel tubing and solid steel bars that can be knurled for added grip. Cable attachments clip on to strength machines such as cable crossovers and functional trainers via a large carabiner. The carabiner allows the attachments to be changed out quickly when the user changes exercises.

Are you considering purchasing more than one cable attachment? Then you may need a Cable Attachment Rack that will hold D-handles, triceps pushdown bars, lat bars, triceps ropes and rowing handles all in one place. For training the grip while using your cable attachments, try a pair of TrueGrip Thick Grips that will increase the diameter of your attachments which will promote increased grip strength.

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USA Made Leather Ankle Strap Cable Attachment
Leather Ankle Strap -- Ironcompany (LLS-LLSE)
Your Price: $47.00
Leather Ankle Strap -- Ironcompany (LLS-LLSE)
Available individually or as a pair
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