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CAP Barbell Weightlifting Plates, Olympic Barbell Sets, Hex Dumbbells and Cable Attachments - CAP Barbell has been manufacturing free weight equipment for over 25 years. Today their product offerings have expanded far past just hex dumbbells and barbell plates. They now feature more than 600 products in more than 10 different fitness equipment categories.

Weight Plates For Dumbbells and Barbells - CAP features an entire line of plates that are made for 1” and 2” diameter bars suited for home and commercial use. Regular black and gray plates are ideal for your straight bars, curl bars and even adjustable dumbbell handles. The Olympic plates tend to have more options such as grip holes for easy carrying as well as more robust coatings such as rubber and urethane.

Dumbbell Sets - Hex dumbbell sets are an affordable option for home use and are very effective for complete upper body training when combined with a multi-bench. Solid steel dumbbells that are encased with a protective coating, such as rubber or urethane, keep your dumbbells looking nice year after year and help protect floors and other equipment from dropping weights.

Barbell Sets - A barbell set compliments most any bench press or squat rack and is the gold standard of building muscle and strength. For home use a 6’ straight bar with threaded collars works great. For heavy barbell lifts in the gym, CAP makes many different affordable and reliable Olympic bar options.

Single Kettlebells and Sets - You don’t always have the option to order single kettlebells online. And not everyone needs to purchase a full set at once. We offer single sizes from 10 to 80 lbs. If you do need a complete set, we offer 10-50 lbs. all the way up to 10-80 lbs. which offer a great savings when compared to buying singles. For the home gym user, check out the affordable and cost efficient 40 lb. adjustable kettlebell by CAP.

Free Weight Racking and Storage Solutions - Count on CAP to offer a complete line of compact and affordable plate tree’s for weight plates and dumbbell racks for all styles of dumbbells.

Fitness Equipment Accessories - Choose from many different styles of cable attachments for cable machines, barbell neck pads, barbell collars, steel end caps for dumbbells, arm blasters for building huge biceps and dipping belts.

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7' Olympic Weight Bar
7’ Chromed Olympic Weight Bar -- Ironcompany (OB-85)
Your Price: $141.00
7’ Chromed Olympic Weight Bar -- Ironcompany (OB-85)
500 lb. Capacity
 CAP Barbell OB-86B Olympic Bar with Zinc Sleeves
Black Oxide Olympic Bar -- CAP Barbell (OB-86B)
Your Price: $249.00
Black Oxide Olympic Bar -- CAP Barbell (OB-86B)
Great Buy for Garage Gyms & Studios
Contoured Handle Chrome Dumbbells
Contoured Handle Chrome Dumbbell Sets -- Ironcompany (SDCG)
Your Price: $252.00
Contoured Handle Chrome Dumbbell Sets -- Ironcompany (SDCG)
Sets: From 3-10 lbs. to 5-50 lbs.
Contoured Handles
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