Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes remain some of the most popular aerobic exercise machines to stay in shape, burn calories, and lose weight. Not only are they low impact and comfortable since the exerciser is in a seated position, but they are easy to use and require little coordination or learning curve as you ride your way to better cardiovascular health. There are many different types of brand new exercise bikes for you to consider for home use and club use. You may also want to look at remanufactured and refurbished commercial exercise bikes for best value in club purchases, military GSA requisitions, and GPC government purchase card spending.

Upright Exercise Bikes - When someone envisions a traditional stationary exercise bike, the first thing that comes to mind is usually an upright exercise cycle. Upright fitness bikes are designed so that the rider sits above the bike frame and almost directly over the pedals. Smooth, frictionless resistance is created by magnets that move closer or farther away from a metal flywheel, or by electromagnetic resistance in the case of many commercial self-generating bikes. Electronic resistance can also allow for programs to take the rider through variable resistance profiles to simulate riding through hills.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes - Recumbent bikes position the rider into a semi-reclined alignment lower into the bike frame with legs outstretched in front and pedals more in-line with the seat rather than below. In a reclined position the glutes are much more engaged meaning your butt gets a better workout. A wider seat eliminates “saddle fatigue” commonly associated with an upright bike and the angled back rest allows for comfort and support for the lower back. In an outstretched position, a rider’s blood pressure is lowered, which means that there is less perceived exertion during the exercise. For all these reasons recumbent bikes have gained the reputation as being the most comfortable exercise bikes to ride.

Indoor Cycling Bikes - Indoor cycles create an experience most similar to riding on the open road. The rider is positioned with a high seat and extended over racing style handlebars. Adjustability in handlebar and seat height, as well as fore/aft position of the saddle-style seat, create the perfect fit for every rider. Since indoor cycles are designed with the avid cyclist in mind, many components such as cranks, drive systems, and pedals share common components with their outdoor counterparts, making for a smooth transition back and forth between outdoor and indoor workouts. A weighted flywheel provides strong momentum to keep the rider exercising vigorously and allows the rider to move off of the seat for a free-standing cycling motion similar to racing and riding uphill. Indoor cycles have taken group cycling classes to new levels of aerobic training popularity in health clubs across the nation.

Table Top Bikes - Upper body ergometers work much in the same fashion as lower body bikes, using pedals or handles that are attached to a bi-directional crank. Exercisers can work all the upper body muscles such as shoulders, arms, chest and back, and then move the ergometer to the floor and use with the legs as a more traditional lower body cycle while seated in a chair. Table top bikes are great for office settings and rehabilitation.

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Indoor Cycling Bikes
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Recumbent Exercise Bikes
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Table Top Bikes
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Upright Exercise Bikes
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