Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors are a valuable training tool to assist exercisers with staying within their proper heart rate zone. Heart rate monitoring, generally measured in beats per minute, is a good indicator of the intensity of exercise performed, whether that be walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, skiing, or hiking. Target heart rate zones can be identified dependent on the age and fitness level of the user so that desired level of effort and exertion can be achieved during the exercise. Depending on the target heart rate zone reflecting a percentage of maximum heart rate, the exerciser or athlete can achieve different results ranging from weight loss to increased cardiovascular conditioning through aerobic activity. Heart rate monitors, or HRMs, are also invaluable for patients recovering from a cardiac incident to alert the wearer of overexertion on the cardiopulmonary system during daily activities.

What is the difference between a pulse monitor and chest-strap heart rate monitor? Each time the heart beats, it emits an electric signal that transmits throughout the body. The signal is strongest and most accurate in direct proximity to the heart. For this reason many people prefer to wear a wireless chest strap to detect heart rate ECG (electrocardiogram). The strap then continuously transmits the heart rate data wirelessly to a receiver, such as a wrist watch style monitor, or to a cardio machine like a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical trainer that is preprogrammed to receive heart rate information. Heart rate information can also be taken through pulse monitoring. This is often done through the palms by gripping heart rate sensors on the handlebars of a cardio machine or through finger or wrist sensors without use of a heart rate strap. Pulse monitoring in this fashion is generally estimated to be about 95% accurate since the intensity of the electric pulse slightly dampens with increased distance from the heart to the extremities. Some people prefer the wrist watch version of the pulse monitor without a chest strap given the simplicity and comfort, as well as greater affordability than the chest strap monitors.

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Ekho X5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Fitness Training
X5 Heart Rate Monitor -- Ekho (X-5)
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X5 Heart Rate Monitor -- Ekho (X-5)
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