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Carpet Tiles for home, office, studio and club are available in interlocking or modular form. CarpetTile modular carpet tiles don't utilize absorbent fibers like traditional carpet and will hold up to the rigors of fitness equipment use and allows you the design flexibility that only comes with carpet. CARPETile® Sport is manufactured utilizing a 100% polypropylene fiber that's warranted for seven full years. It’s completely closed cell weave makes it fast-drying and completely antimicrobial. This prevents it from staining or mildewing and it won't indent from heavy machinery placed on it.

For an interlocking “loose lay” carpet tile that does not require adhesive, Alessco SoftCarpets offer a versatile and affordable option for residential applications. Each tile is shock absorbent, anti-fatigue and water proof to protect against spills which make them ideal for children’s play areas. Different colors are available including gray, black and brown.

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Durable Anti-Static Carpet Tiles For Gyms and Locker Rooms
CARPETile Sport -- Ironcompany (CARPETile-Sport)
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CARPETile Sport -- Ironcompany (CARPETile-Sport)
40 Tile minimum (approximately 108 sq. ft.)