Jungle Gyms

Commercial Jungle Gyms from Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers - Multi-station jungle gyms are the centerpiece of many commercial gyms. Their resistance is provided through a system of selectorized weight stacks, pulley wheels and cables. Multi-stack jungle gyms are utilized for strength training, building muscle, toning and shaping. Common stations found on jungle gyms are adjustable cable crossovers, lat pulldowns, lat rows, tricep pushdowns and bicep curls. The Legend Fitness 958 Four Stack Jungle even includes a multi-press for training the pectoral and deltoid muscles. To further expand the versatility of your jungle gym, attach a suspension trainer, such as the CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight trainer, to the multi-grip pull-up grips.

Jungle Gym Accessories and Cable Attachments - Some Jungle Gyms will include accessories, such as cable attachments, so that once the machine is delivered and installed it is fully functional and ready to use. The 960 Cable Crossover Plus Jungle Gym by Legend Fitness is one such machine that arrives with D-handles, Lat Bar and V handle. Other Legend Fitness jungle gyms like the 958 Four Stack Jungle and 965 Six Stack Combo also include these accessories. includes many other Cable Machine Attachments to choose from if needed.

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