Competition Kettlebells

Competition Kettlebells and Competition Kettlebell Sets - Kettlebells used in competition are specifically designed for competitive use to perform various competition kettlebell lifts such as the jerk, snatch and clean. A competition kettlebell set, no matter the weights involved, are all cast to the same exact size. Since these bells are all the same size, they have to be color coded so as to identify each kettlebell weight. For example, an 8kg. kettlebell is pink and a 20kg is green. These are the same colors and weights used by American Kettlebell Club and Girevoy Sport competitions. Competition kettlebell handles and horns are uniform in size and are unpainted so as to better hold chalk and include enough room for single or one handed use.

Competition format is usually composed of two categories; biathlon and the long cycle. Biathlon involves the girevik (kettlebell lifter) performing a set of jerks for ten minutes, followed by a set of snatches for ten minutes. Long cycle involves the girevik performing a set of long jerks for ten minutes. Sanctioning bodies require the use of 1-pood (16 kg), 1.5-pood (24 kg), and 2-pood (32 kg) competition kettlebells of similar size with identifying colors (yellow, green, and red respectively).

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RAGE Color Coded Competition Kettlebell Set
RAGE Competition Kettlebell - Color Coded to International Standard -- RAGE Fitness (CF-KB)
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RAGE Competition Kettlebell - Color Coded to International Standard -- RAGE Fitness (CF-KB)
8 to 48 kg in 4 kg increments
Singles and Package Set