Core Training Equipment

Core Training Equipment is designed to engage your core muscles while you are performing a functional exercise or to specifically target and isolate the abs and other surrounding core muscles. For best results and overall fitness benefits, consider both to help reach your core fitness goals.

Functional Training Equipment that helps to strengthen core muscles - There are many great fitness products that engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. The benefits of functional training can include a leaner and stronger body, improved balance and enhanced proprioception which is the sense of how your limbs are oriented in space. But perhaps the most sought after benefit is core improvement. Sledge Hammer training is by far is one of the most challenging exercises you can do that includes sustained strength and cardio training. Your entire core from front to back will benefit greatly from this exercise. Slammer ball exercises work incredibly well for toning the core and can be used to specifically target core muscles by using them with sit-ups or crunches. Another great core exercise is heavy conditioning rope swinging. For core training equipment that is travel friendly, take a look at our exclusive Move! Exercise Kit that includes a foam roller, balance pad and resistance bands. The online instructional video will educate you on how to use this tool for faster core training results.

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