1-Vest Core Training Vest -- Ironcompany (1VEST)

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Core Training Vest
Core Training Vest
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1-Vest Core Training Vest - It's called the 1vest because it's so versatile. The 1vest is a core training vest that fits snugly to your torso and tension is applied at select points as you exercise. Your body compensates for the offset balance which brings multiple muscle groups, especially the core and stabilizers, into action. This accelerates muscle memory, tone and coordination and brings dramatic athletic improvements that will take you to the next level!

With its strategically located set of built-in steel rings the 1vest revolutionizes your workouts. Use it for multi-directional drills, resistance training, and plyometrics to increase your speed, agility, quickness and core strength. With the 1vest you just clip-in and get to work with an endless set of drills for MMA training, track and field training, strength training, speed training and much more.

1vest™ compliments all of the following:

  • Vertical Platform
  • Vertimax
  • Korr Machine
  • Leaper
  • Plyo-Sled
  • Bullet Belt
  • Pilates Equipment
  • Any cable apparatus
  • Parachutes
  • Weighted Sleds
  • Swimming Pool


  • Versatility. Combining the Training Vest and Dual Adjustable Pulley gives users the ability to create resistance in all planes of movement, train dynamically or functionally and connect the body from a variety of attachment points with the color-coded rings.
  • Resistance Training. Adding resistance to training leads to increased balance, agility, and stability as well as greater muscle strength and power. By varying ring choice and pulley height, athletes can create tension for increased resistance training.
  • Extra Assistance. Offers the ability to take off resistance for more complex drills, while allowing for full range of motion. Securing the pulley at a high anchor point on the Training Vest provides assistance with many types of exercises.
  • Heavy-Duty, Color-Coded Rings. Eight sets of color-coded rings allow for easy instruction and training. Each ring is made of heavy-duty stainless steel able to support up to 100 pounds.
  • Durable Construction and Size Selection. Constructed of high-grade Neoprene and breathable mesh fabric, the Training Vest moves with your body, and is easy to clean. Sizes range from XS to XXXL (chest size 29" to 49").
  • Butterfly Clips. Users can achieve a more custom fit with Velcro® front closure secured by two butterfly clips with adjustable straps.

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    Item Number: 1VEST ProdID_4489
    Product Name: 1-Vest Core Training Vest -- Ironcompany (1VEST)
    Manufacturer: PERFORMBETTER
    Manufacturer Part No: 1VEST

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