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Country Power Inc. Power Hooks for Dumbbell Training - Country Power is the manufacturer of Power Hooks dumbbell hooks that were designed to position dumbbells on an overhead Olympic bar for easier access and decreased risk of injury to the user. Country Power dumbbell Power Hooks also make it possible to “re-rack” dumbbells after a lift instead of having to lay them on the chest or drop them on the ground which again can cause injury to the user and damage to the equipment. If you have lower back problems this product cuts out having to lift your dumbbells off the floor before each lift. Spotting is also enhanced by providing a handle for the spotter to use instead of having to push up on the lifters elbows.

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Power Hooks
Power Hooks For Dumbbells - Pair -- Country Power (POWERHOOKS)
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Power Hooks For Dumbbells - Pair -- Country Power (POWERHOOKS)
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