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Cross-Training and MMA Training focuses heavily on exercises that help boost sustained strength and cardio endurance so the athlete is able to outperform his opponent or personal fitness goals. In this section you’ll find tools that help increase not only sustained strength and cardio endurance but balance, range of motion and overall agility, as well.

Tools that help improve sustained strength - What is the definition of sustained strength? One easy way to visualize sustained strength is to imagine an MMA fighter that is trying to submit his opponent via a collar choke or rear naked choke. These submissions can sometimes take minutes and require an incredible amount of strength and endurance to keep the opponent from escaping. If you want to improve your sustained strength there are many products on this page that will do just that. A climbing rope will help greatly improve grip strength which in turn will help your gi submissions as well as maintaining a better grip on the bar if you are a weight lifter. Using a heavy slam ball to slam to the ground or against the wall will help improve sustained strength over the entire body.

Tools that help improve cardio endurance - We all know a treadmill or elliptical trainer is very beneficial in improving ones cardio endurance and burning fat. But many people these days are choosing to forego these machines for a more functional approach that not only improves cardio endurance, but boosts strength and muscle mass all at the same time. A garage gym is a good example in this instance. For those that have the room and prefer to train at home, a well laid out garage gym can include everything needed to improve your cardio as well as your physique. Something as simple as a squat rack, Olympic bar, set of bumper plates and some rubber matting to protect your bumper plates and floors will prove to yield tremendous results throughout the entire body depending on your dedication and consistency.

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