D-Ball Manufacturing has been a supplier of quality performance enhancing products and training programs since 1989. Training with weighted balls allows the user to train in all three planes of motion which in turn conditions the entire kinetic chain. D-Ball medicine balls are made in the USA and are the original slam ball making them the most sought after product of its kind in the fitness industry and are one of the few balls on the market suitable for performing ball slams.

Single Balls - For those just starting out or adding to an existing set, single ball purchases are possible with either yellow or orange balls. Available sizes start with the 8 lb. Speed Ball and go all the way up to the 100 lb. Eliminator Ball.

Ball Sets - Save money by purchasing one of our convenient D-Ball medicine ball sets. There is something for every strength and fitness level here beginning with our 12-36 lb. Light Keystone Power Set and graduating up to our mind blowing 150-200 lb. Heavy Great Ball Set.

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