Digital Physician Scales

Digital Physician Scales for Home and Gym by Detecto are the medical industries leading physician scales used every day by doctors and nurses all over the world. And because doctor scales measure weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI) they also work well in the fitness industry as fitness scales and gym scales. Additionally, MedVue-enabled scales include an optional Wi-Fi feature that electronically transmits patient data directly to a printer, PC, or network, reducing the chance of entry errors and maintaining compliance with EMR and EHR requirements. Detecto's EMR scales and physician scales are available in waist-high and eye-level models with digital LCD displays for reliable readings. Other Detecto digital scale features include weight capacities up to 500 lbs. or 225 kgs., motion detection and removable platform for easy cleaning. Stainless steel Digital Physician Scales are also available for high humidity locations that keeps rust and corrosion to a minimum.

Digital Bariatric Scales for the obese or persons with disabilities make it easier for healthcare professionals to weigh unsteady patients. Each Medical Bariatric Scale features a low profile platform specially designed to help eliminate trip hazards. Each spacious platform is connected to handrails that reassure each patient with additional stability. Some bariatric weight scales also include a fold down seat to assist those that are uncomfortable or too unstable on their feet.

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