Dumbbell Handles

Adjustable Dumbbell Handles and Fixed Weight Dumbbell Handles - Dumbbell handles for weightlifting have long been used to build muscle and increase strength in both home and commercial gyms. They are ideal for resistance training and offer more exercise variations and increased range of motion when compared to using barbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells - Adjustable dumbbell handles for home gyms have a centralized chrome handle that is knurled for increased grip. Each end features a smooth or threaded sleeve for adding weightlifting plates. Dumbbell collars, such as spring collars or Lock-Jaw dumbbell collars, keep dumbbell plates affixed and from sliding off during a workout. Adjustable dumbbell handles have 1” diameter sleeves and therefore are only compatible with regular pancake plates with 1” diameter center holes. Cast iron pancake plates are available painted gray or black or coated in rubber to protect floors from impact. They can even be chromed to brighted up any weight room. Check out our Hampton Fitness Snug-Grip Spin-Lock dumbbell handles with contoured urethane grips or try a pair of heavy-duty Olympic dumbbell handles to use with your Olympic barbell set.

Fixed Weight Dumbbell Handles - Fixed weight dumbbell handles for commercial gyms, such as a pro-style dumbbell handles, feature a centralized knurled handle with smooth chromed weight sleeves. Each weight sleeve varies in length according to the desired total fixed weight. Unlike the adjustable dumbbell handle, the pro-style handle, or SDH dumbbell handle, does not use dumbbell collars. The pro-style dumbbell includes an Allen bolt and chrome washer that tightens down against the iron dumbbell plates and locks the entire unit together as one. Pro-style dumbbells are found in many commercial gyms and have a weight range of 5 to 100 lbs. Pro-style dumbbell handle accessories include chrome or black oxide steel end caps.

You can also check out our huge selection of weight plates that go great with our dumbbell handles.

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Chrome Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles
Chrome Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles (pairs) -- Ironcompany (SDH)
Your Price: $43.00
Chrome Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles (pairs) -- Ironcompany (SDH)
Sizes: SDH #1 to #10
Uses: Home, Studio and Club Use
Plates/End Caps NOT included
Hampton SGH-14T Snug-Grip Spin-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handles
14” Snug-Grip Spin-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handles (Pair) -- Hampton (SGH-14T)
Your Price: $70.00
14” Snug-Grip Spin-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handles (Pair) -- Hampton (SGH-14T)
Spin-Lock Collars
Beefy 35mm Grips
1" Plates & Bench NOT Included