Equipment Cleaning Wipes

USA Made Gym Equipment Wipes and Supplies of all kinds are available here in one place at Ironcompany®. With all the media hype these days covering different disease outbreaks, more and more gym members are preferring to use some form of disinfecting spray or wipe to clean their equipment before they exercise.

What type of gym equipment cleaning supplies are best for your location? Disinfecting sprays and aerosols are recommended for training studios and smaller location where their location can be more easily monitored and refilled when they run dry. These products will disinfect and sanitize just like the equipment wipes but will penetrate cracks and crevices easier. Gym equipment wipes are a common site these days among the larger clubs and dues paying facilities. Dispensers stay in one place, usually mounted on a wall or consist of a large free-standing unit, and make it easier to find wipes when needed. Some free standing equipment wipe dispensers include small storage areas as well as trash receptacles for an all in one wipes solution.

Need help with your gym equipment disinfecting choice? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527

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