Exercise Balls

Exercise balls and fitness balls have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their ever increasing functionality. Our Medicine Balls and Strength Balls offer non-bouncing medicine balls and bouncing medicine balls, light medicine balls, heavy medicine balls, rubber medicine balls, medicine balls with handles, slam balls, soft cover wall ball medicine balls, PT balls, speed ball medicine balls, dual grip medicine balls, Ugi balls, and medicine balls for rebounders. These medicine balls and fitness balls are available in medicine ball sets with medicine ball racks.

Stability balls and Fitness balls are a great tool to incorporate into your fitness routine by themselves or with other equipment. Stability balls come in three main sizes, 55, 65 and 75cm but are available in many different colors, shapes and textures. Stability ball choices include stability balls with workout DVD, stability balls that include pumps, self guided stability balls, Swiss balls, therapy balls, fitness ball chairs, stability ball chairs, BOSU ballast balls and you can store them all using fitness ball stackers, stability ball bases and stability ball racks.

Therapy Balls and Yoga Balls are usually smaller weighted exercise balls that can be used to improve range of motion as well as tone the muscles throughout the body. Weight balls come in different weight increments and can be a more comfortable substitute for dumbbells. Slim weight balls are made to fit your hand and also feature a weight ball strap for a sure grip. Closed cell foam posture balls are also available.

Squeeze balls are used to help increase the gripping strength of your fingers and hands. Message balls will help stimulate hands, feet and muscles throughout the body and can be helpful with circulation.