Exercise Balls

Exercise Balls for any fitness goal and fitness level are available at®. These versatile tools can be used for performing bodyweight exercises as well as resistance based exercises for toning and strengthening.

Weighted Resistance Balls - Great for training alone or with a partner, these balls are used in different ways but all have the same goal in mind which is to tone and strengthen the body. Medicine balls are great for performing resistance based exercises that involve many muscles to be used at once including the core. They are available in solid rubber with a steel core or with a soft shell and a cotton and rubber filler material. Slam balls are non-bouncing and specially designed with a thick, rubber shell to withstand constant slamming into the ground and walls. Our D-Ball brand offers balls that go as heavy as 200 lbs.

Hand Strengthening and Massage Balls - Great for improving hand and forearm strength, as well as increasing circulation, these squeeze balls come in a variety of sizes, textures and colors. Great to take with you on the road too.

Stability Balls - Our stability balls are offered in 55, 65 and 75cm diameters and are a great way to add instability to both bodyweight and resistance training for improved balance and core strength. You’ll also find a complete line of accessories that include storage solutions, exercise DVD’s, ball pumps and even ball chairs.

Therapy and Yoga Balls - These are a light weight option specially designed to include smaller increments to increase strength and range of motion safely and slowly over time. Some options are shaped to easily fit in the hands and also include a detachable strap for additional gripping assistance when needed.