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Exercise Balls, Slammer Balls and Medicine Balls - Exercise balls are fitness equipment tools designed to meet individual fitness goals. Weighted medicine balls and slammer balls are compact by design but can vary in weight from 1 lb. to as heavy as 300 lbs.! Heavy slam balls and medicine balls can be used in place of free weight equipment, such as dumbbells, to tone and strengthen or can be a great supplement as a finishing exercise within a weightlifting or cross-training program. Inflatable exercise balls, such as resistance balls or Swiss balls, provide added instability while training and are regarded for their core engaging abilities. Therapy balls and massage balls are the smallest in weight and diameter out of all the exercise balls. These balls have a variety of uses including grip therapy for regaining grip strength in the hands and massage balls have tiny nubs designed to increase blood flow and relieve tension in the muscles. There are even exercise balls made of closed cell foam that specialize in deep tissue massage, much like a foam roller.

Medicine Balls and Slammer Balls Medicine balls and slammer balls use different types of filler such as crumb rubber, sand or metal shot. They can be made heavier or lighter based on the consistancy of their filler material. Slammer balls are the heaviest and have the thickest shell to protect them from bursting when slammed into the ground or a solid wall. Medicine balls are not made for slamming to the ground but are great for resistance training with or without a partner.

Stability Balls - Stability balls are also referred to as Swiss balls, resistance balls and balance balls. Use stability balls for bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and V-ups. They also incorporate well with dumbbells and resistance bands for toning and strengthening the upper body. The added instability provided compared to using a weight bench will have additional core engaging benefits. Stimulate and tone your core by using a stability ball in place of an office chair at home or work.

Massage Balls and Therapy Balls - Massage balls and therapy balls can be used to massage and stimulate blood flow in the hands, feet and rest of the body. A squeeze ball is especially effective at helping strengthen the hands and fingers and is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Yoga Balls and Pilates Balls - Yoga balls and Pilates balls are small diameter, weighted exercise balls that are used while performing Yoga and Pilates exercises. They are small enough to be held in the hands in place of dumbbells and some also include a Velcro strap that keeps them secured to hands and feet while exercising.

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