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Exercise Balls are valuable fitness tools designed to provide resistance training, stability training and even message therapy. Exercise balls will yield results whether they are used by themselves or if incorporated with other equipment. They are also useful in circuit training for both toning, strengthening and cardiovascular improvement.

Medicine Balls and Slammer Balls are used to increase strength and burn calories. These balls are available in different weights from light to heavy and can be used with a partner or used alone to perform Medicine Ball Rebounder exercises or Slammer Ball wall and ground slam exercises.

Stability Balls are great for performing bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and V-ups. They also incorporate well with dumbbells and resistance bands for toning and strengthening the upper body. The added instability provided compared to using a weight bench will have additional core improving benefits.

Message Balls and Therapy Balls can be used to message and stimulate blood flow in the hands and rest of the body. A squeeze ball is especially effective at helping strengthen the hands and fingers and is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Yoga Balls and Pilates Balls are small diameter, weighted exercise balls that are used while performing Yoga and Pilates exercises. They are small enough to be held in the hands in place of dumbbells and some also include a Velcro strap that keeps them secured to hands and feet while exercising.

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