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Exercise DVD’s, Workout Videos & Weight Training Books - DVD’s for Exercise, Workout Video’s and Books for Weightlifting and Fitness engage the user in a fun and energetic workout program that helps educate and produce more results. For the novice exerciser, the education provided through an exercise DVD, video or book can be the difference of whether or not they will continue their exercise routine or whether it is just a New Years resolution that is quickly forgotten about. If the user experiences positive results sooner, they are much more likely to continue and make fitness a part of their lifestyle. Proper instruction will also help prevent injury by teaching the user how to use their exercise equipment properly while exercising. For the seasoned home gym enthusiast our advanced educational material can be what’s needed to propel them to the next level of fitness.

Get in shape from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you own a Spinner® bike we have all the latest Spinning® DVD’s for different fitness levels and goals. Some of them even take you through different picturesque rides all over the world for a beautiful change of scenery. Is Pilates your passion? You’ll find all the latest Peak Pilates® DVD’s for Pilates chairs and Reformers. We also offer other educational DVD’s for Bodyblade®, CrossCore® and Ultimate Sandbag. For those wanting to add serious muscle size and strength, we recommend The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher.

Need help deciding which DVD, Video or Book can best help you reach your fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527

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