Storage Racks

Fitness Equipment Storage Racks and Solutions - Fitness equipment storage racks keep equipment up off the floor and organized. Exercise ball storage racks are designed to hold multiple resistance balls, medicine balls and slammer balls vertically for easy access. Barbell racks provide storage for Olympic bars, commercial barbell sets and some of the all-in-one barbell storage racks even hold weight plates. Dumbbell racks are available for personal use for PowerBlocks or other adjustable dumbbells or for full runs of dumbbells such as neoprene, vinyl, rubber hex, chrome, pro-style and urethane. Kettlebell storage racks can be purchased in double or triple level options with angled trays for easier kettlebell access. Commercial kettlebell racks are American Made and have many different powder coat colors to choose from. Weight plate storage racks, or plate tree’s, are built to hold regular or Olympic weight plates in a small, confined area. A-frame plate tree’s are popular for home use while fully welded vertical weight plate holders are used in commercial gyms. Horizontal rubber bumper plate holders have a handle and wheels for transporting your bumper plates from one power rack to another. And what jungle gym or cable crossover machine would be complete without a cable attachment rack? Cable attachment racks by Hampton Fitness, Body-Solid, Legend Fitness and TKO will neatly store cable attachments of all sizes and shapes from ankle cuffs to full-size lat bars.

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Medicine Ball, Slammer Ball, BOSU Ball and Stability Ball Storage Racks at
Ball Storage Racks for Exercise Balls, Slammer Balls, Medicine Balls and BOSU Balls.
Barbell Racks for Home and Commercial Gyms at
Barbell Racks for Solid Head, Solid Steel and Pro-Style Fixed Weight Barbells for Home, Studio and Club.
Cable Attachment Storage Racks at
Cable Attachment Storage Racks for Home, Studio and Club.
Dumbbell Racks for Home and Commercial Gyms at
Dumbbell Racks for Vinyl, Neoprene, Chrome, Hex, Rubber Hex, Pro-Style, Solid Head and Solid Steel Dumbbells for Home, Studio and Club.
Kettlebell Storage Racks for Home and Commercial Gyms at
Kettlebell Racks for all types of Kettlebell Sets for Garage Gym, CrossFit, Studio and Club.
Weight Plate Trees and Storage Racks at
Weight Plate Trees for Regular and Olympic Plates including Bumper Plates for Garage Gym, CrossFit, Studio and Club.