Floor Care

Gym Flooring Cleaning and Disinfecting Products consist of highly concentrated phosphate-free formulas designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize almost all types of flooring systems, namely rubber flooring in gyms and dog daycare facilities that can be challenging to keep looking and smelling like new.

Why use a flooring disinfectant in your gym or dog daycare facility? Rolled rubber and interlocking rubber gym mats are two of the most common flooring solutions used in gyms and dog daycare facilities. But while each makes for a functional and protective flooring barrier, they do have characteristics each owner should be aware of and educated on how to properly maintain. Rolled rubber is made from recycled crumb rubber which can feature nooks and crannies that can harbor harmful bacteria and germs if not sealed and cleaned correctly. Rubber gym tiles made from virgin rubber or vulcanized rubber are not porous and do not require a sealant. Both rolls and interlocking tiles have seams that can allow dirt and liquids to seep down inside. When possible, us an a seam sealant such as Sikaflex to join rolled rubber together to prevent dirt and liquid from passing through to the sub-floor underneath. Rubber flooring tiles are simply loose laid using no adhesive or seam sealant which sometimes requires pulling up the tiles to thoroughly clean and disinfect both tile and sub-floor. Rolls and tiles handle dirt and spills a bit differently but both can be kept clean and safe when the proper flooring disinfectant is utilized.

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