Flooring Product Solutions and Accessories are available at Ironcompany® for all applications including home, club, industrial, school and military. Flooring is an essential part of any fitness facility and with all the choices available it can be a confusing endeavor. Let an sales rep help educate and guide you toward the flooring purchase that matches your goals as well as your budget. Do you need your rubber flooring quickly and on time for your grand opening? Are you a government buyer that is in charge of sourcing gym flooring on GSA contract? Ironcompany can help.

Gym Flooring - Most gym flooring products are made to protect floors and equipment from weight drop. Good examples would be interlocking flooring tiles and rolled rubber. More and more flooring manufacturers are choosing to use post-consumer rubber which usually comes from car and truck tires. However, some still manufacture using virgin rubber. Each have their own unique benefits to the consumer. Other flooring options are made exclusively to cushion ones feet and body while performing aerobic and martial arts type activities.

Foam Tiles For Play and Exercise - Our foam tiles are an excellent way to provide foot relief for your next trade show booth. These interlocking foam tiles are light weight, easy to transport and assemble in just minutes. They also make a great play tile for children and will help protect them from bumps and bruises when they fall.

Artificial Turf - Let us help you select the right artificial turf for your play area, performance facility, sports field, CrossFit box or even for your home. For indoor use we recommend a Polyethylene yarn that features a short pile and requires no infill material. It also includes a 5mm foam backing for added padding. For outdoor use we recommend one of our tall pile products that does include infill and provides proper drainage.

Playground Tiles and Flooring - Playground tiles and safety surfacing is specially designed to support various fall height requirements from playground equipment. Our Bounce Back tiles provide the protection you need and are available in different thicknesses and colors.

Flooring Adhesive, Sealers and Cleaners - Some rubber flooring products, especially rolled rubber, will require adhesive to be used during installation so that it does not move during use. Seam sealant is used to lock the seams together and is useful in keeping debris and liquids from entering between the seams and is especially useful in applications such as doggie day care facilities. Rubber flooring sealers tend to fill in all the nooks and crannies that can be present in recycled rubber flooring and make cleanup with a mop much easier to manage.

Flooring Installation - Ironcompany will supply you with the flooring products you need as well as professional installation. Whether you need a full glue down installation for your rubber rolls or you need to cover the entire area of your indoor performance center, Ironcompany has the professional flooring installation team to get the job done right and within budget.

Adhesives and Supplies
Rubber Flooring Adhesives, Cleaners, Sealants and Installation Tools - Whether you are doing a full glue down for your rubber rolls or adhering your rubber mats together, we have rubber adhesive options that will get the job done.
Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Artificial Turf, Synthetic Grass, Artificial Lawn and Turf Install
Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tile & Alessco SoftCarpets - Carpet Tiles are a much more durable alternative to regular commercial carpeting. Our carpet tiles are available in both glue down and interlocking and carry up to a seven year warranty.
Foam Tiles
Foam Play and Exercise Tiles
Gym Flooring
Gym Flooring and Playground Safety Flooring
Interlocking PVC Tiles
Interlocking PVC Tiles, Aerobic Tiles, Garage Flooring and Shower Tiles
On Deck Circles
On Deck Circles, Baseball On Deck Circles and Rubber On Deck Circle - On-Deck Circles for baseball applications are very popular! Each circle is 60", 72", 84" or 96" in diameter and a full 1/2" thick.
Play Tiles
Play Tiles, Safety Surface Flooring and Playground Flooring - Featuring tons of flooring options such as Alessco SoftFloor Tiles, Interlocking Carpet Tiles, Playground Tiles and Safety Surface Products, Foam Play Tiles and Interlocking Jumbo Martial Arts
Rubber Flooring Installation
Gym Equipment Installations and Gym Flooring Installations done right and at a fair price. Give us a call today if you have a grand opening deadline for your club or you just need your rubber flooring or fitness equipment installed right .
Safety Flooring
Safety Flooring and Ballistic Tiles