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Foam Rollers, Foam Balance Pads and Balance Trainers - Exercise equipment such as foam rollers, foam balance pads and balance discs are portable training tools that assist in increasing blood flow, loosening tight muscles and improving balance. Balancing pads, balancing beams and round therapy rollers consist of a closed cell foam material that holds its shape and will not absorb moisture. Balancing discs and balance wedges are constructed from soft PVC material and feature various texture types like nubs, buttons and pebble tops. Most balance disks and balance wedges are inflatable and will come with a hand pump which allows the user to control the level of firmness as well as the instability.

Foam Rolling with Closed Cell Foam Rollers - Half round foam rollers and full round foam rollers are used for self-massage which will assist in relieving tight muscles throughout the back and legs. Rolling, or myofascial release, is especially beneficial for those who sit in an office chair or driver’s seat all day. Using a foam roller will also promote healthier blood flow throughout the entire body. For beginners, a foam roller having a soft or medium foam firmness is recommended. For intermediate or advanced users the extra firm black rollers and Grid rollers are perfect for rolling out all the tight spots. Self-guided “Smart” rollers display nine foam rolling exercises so there is never a question as to what foam rolling options are available.

Improve Balance with a Balance Pad or Balance Board - Improve balance and proprioception while standing on a Balance Board, Balance Pad, BOSU Trainer or Balance Beam. Using a balance board or balance beam by themselves to improve balance can be done at home or in a studio. Foam Balance Pads and BOSU Balls can incorporate other equipment such as dumbbells or a CrossCore180® to increase their effectiveness and muscle toning benefits. And check out the new Vicore Terra Core that can be used for Step Aerobics, as a workout bench that incorporates free weights or resistance bands or a balance training station.

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