Foam Rollers® offers a variety of Foam Rollers to choose from. Use for self-myofacial release therapy (deep tissue message) that will release muscle tension throughout the body and will help increase circulation. Most Foam Rollers are travel friendly and easy to store when not in use. What type of Foam Roller are you looking for? Half Round Foam Rollers feature a textured surface that is durable and maintains consistent structure. Our Half Round Foam Rollers are great for Pilates training, balance training and core function training. Half Round Foam Rollers are available in different lengths ranging from 12” to 36”. Round Foam Rollers not only help increase circulation throughout the body but they can really help you self-massage to roll out the kinks in different muscles. Our compact 12” Foam Rollers are great for rolling out the legs and arms and don’t take up much space. If you really want to message the upper and lower back, pick up one of our 36” long Foam Rollers. They are available in different colors and firmness ratings. Soft Foam Rollers are good for beginners. Seasoned Foam Roller users will usually gravitate toward a firm closed cell Foam Roller or even a hard Foam Roller to really get the kinks out. And if you need a self-guided Foam Roller, the SMART Roller by Prism Fitness features 9 Foam Roller exercises that are printed right on the surface of the roller. These 9 exercises will show you how to effectively roll out your upper and lower body muscles.

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Foam Roller On Sale - 6" x 36" -- Aeromat (33831)
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Foam Roller On Sale - 6" x 36" -- Aeromat (33831)
Closed cell foam roller will keep its shape and provides a comfortable workout.