Free Weights

The® Free Weight section of our website features a lot of free weight options that are great for both residential and commercial.

Barbells and Barbell sets come in many shapes and sizes including Bumper Plate Barbell sets, Cast Iron Fixed Barbell Sets, Group Fitness Barbell sets, Olympic Barbell sets, Rubber Encased Barbell sets, Solid Steel Barbell sets and Urethane Encased Barbell sets.

Free Weight Bars include Olympic bars, Olympic curl bars, Olympic tricep bars, Cambered Olympic bars, Hex Olympic bars and regular weightlifting bars that accept regular barbell plates and free weight bar collars. Superbands and barbell lifting chains can make great accessories for your barbell bars.

Barbell Collars will keep your barbell plates from sliding off your regular barbell bars and Olympic bars. The® Barbell Collars section includes regular spring bar collars, Olympic bar spring collars, barbell collars that accept lifting chains, Lock-Jaw collars, compression ring collars, Muscle Clamp collars, Bulldog Power Clamp collars and spin lock collars.

Dumbbell Handles are a must for any successful free weight program. We’ve got regular chrome dumbbell handles, threaded dumbbell handles that are adjustable, Spin-Lock dumbbells with urethane grips, Olympic dumbbell handles and chrome pro-style dumbbell hands for pro-style dumbbells.

Dumbbells are one of the gold standards in building size and strength at home or in a gym. We have all the dumbbell set styles and sizes that include chrome dumbbells, compact dumbbells and Power Blocks, economy dumbbells, dumbbells on sale, hex dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells, neoprene dumbbells, pro-style dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, solid steel dumbbells and vinyl dumbbells. Dumbbell set accessories include PlateMate’s and Power Hooks.

Indian Clubs, Clubbells and Sledge Hammers have become a popular way to get a great full body, weight bearing workout. Iron Power Clubs are a steel version of our wooden Indian Clubs. Our Cross-Training Sledge Hammers come in different sizes and sets and provide sledge hammer workouts that you won’t soon forget.

Kettlebells are another great resistance tool that can be used in addition to a good dumbbell set or barbell set. Try one of our adjustable kettlebells if you are limited on space. Other kettlebell set choices include coated kettlebells, iron kettlebells, kettlebell medicine balls, kettlebell packages, affordable kettlebells, kettlebells on sale, kettlebells in kilograms, kettlebells in pounds and even kettlebell instruction.

Barbell Plates and Dumbbell Plates can be purchased by the pair or by the set for all your weightlifting exercises. For your regular bars, we have black regular plates, gray regular barbell plates, rubber coated plates as well as chrome dumbbell plates. Olympic bars enjoy a large selection of barbell plates including bumper plates, Olympic grip plates and technique plates.

Plate Package Deals include many types of regular barbell plates and Olympic plates that when packaged together can save you a lot of money in product and shipping costs. Check out our bumper plate package deals, Olympic plate packages, regular pancake plate package deals and technique plates packages.

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